Monday, February 18, 2013

What's Up with Wats

Wats (Buddhist temples or monasteries) are ubiquitous in Thailand.  It is very easy to become complacent about another visit to another Wat because they are everywhere.   As a matter of fact, the central town of Chiang Mai has 300 Wats inside the one mile square moat. Even though each one is different and each one a wonder to see, there are just too many to maintain an interest in stopping at each one.
On a recent trip south of Chiang Mai, our small motorcycle group happened upon one that, like many others, had beautiful grounds, a temple, a stupa (old, original monument),but this one was a little different.

Every Wat has a way for visitors to make donations and as I reported in a previous post, one Wat had 4 different ways to make a personal, written prayer in exchange for a small donation.  It is a unique way to ask for donations, sort of a "value added" donation.
This one was no different.  One could write one's name on a roofing tile and have it be part of the roof of a newly constructed building.  I am not sure of what this new building would be used for, but it was constructed entirely of teak wood using tree trunks as posts and beams. Several of our group added roof tiles for luck. 

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