Monday, October 2, 2017

Bamboo Structures in Thailand


After seeing an interesting and artistic bamboo arched entryway to a showplace of bamboo architecture in Chiang Mai, some friends and I stopped in one day to check it out.  The name of the company that builds artistic bamboo structures is Chiangmai Life Construction.

The structures on display there were wavy, undulating roofed examples of the artistry built into these covered areas for living or just lounging.  It was explained to us that builds could be tailored to the client's needs, including glassed in areas for air conditioning containment.  There were also adobe walled more traditional structures that then had artful roofing on top.  These are built as more traditional living spaces with interior walls, but showed off the whimsy of the architect with bottle-bottoms incorporated into the walls.

What clued us in to this place was a Facebook post about an international school that had a bamboo basketball court.  So while at Chainamai Life Construction we were told about this school and if we liked, the receptionist could show us the school and its structures the following Saturday when students would not be in attendance.  So.... to be continued regarding Panyadin International School.